In the Next Pasture

Preparing For Fall

August is typically the hottest and driest month of the summer. Because of this, it is also a good time to spend a little effort monitoring annual records and planning for the upcoming fall.

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Choctaw Freezer Beef Program

Riding Around the Ranches

Our New Freezer Beef Program

Specific information about the freezer beef program is available on the website, but if you're interested, you can purchase whole, half or quarter carcasses.

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Choctaw Ranches Cattle

Here's the Beef

Smart Decisions in A High-Calf Price Market

Anyone who has marketed cattle within the last few months is keenly aware that current calf prices are extraordinarily high.

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Morning Coffee

What to Expect This Spring

Witnessing "green-up" from dormancy, newborn calves and strutting tom turkeys has a way most days of putting one in a good mood.

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