In the Next Pasture

Preparing For Fall

What to Plan for in the coming quarter

August is typically the hottest and driest month of the summer. Because of this, it is also a good time to spend a little effort monitoring annual records and planning for the upcoming fall. As discussed in previous newsletters, most (85%) southeastern U.S. cow-calf producers calve in the spring and wean in the fall. The actual timing in which these events occur depends upon the individual situation. However, based upon existing information, managerial considerations such as early-weaning, pre-conditioning, marketing and heifer retention are all programs which can be considered at this time. It has been my experience that oftentimes record-keeping is overlooked because, quite frankly, most of us don’t like to do it, and it’s hard to monetize the value of the information. That said, there are a few key pieces of information that are vitally important and quite practical to keep.

Have a fantastic spring, and I am very much looking forward to sending out the next newsletter. See you then!

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