While Southeastern Oklahoma is a breathtakingly beautiful place, let’s face it: the weather and environment can be less-than-ideal. Sometimes even outright brutal to the animals who live upon it. That’s why breeding in adaptability is so important. And with our incredible staff overseeing the entire breeding process, we know the meat you buy will be of the highest quality possible.


To accommodate the occasionally unforgiving Southeastern Oklahoma environment, our cattle are Angus-based and cross-bred with a heavy maternal focus on environmental adaptability.

These cattle are held to the Choctaw standard just as our people are. To ensure the absolute highest quality end product, each animal is individually managed with meticulous record-keeping from birth to harvest.

Genetic Selection

At Choctaw Ranches, beyond our commitment to the humane treatment of every animal, our priority is calf outcome. Our bulls and cows are carefully bred to ensure the greatest possible calf outcomes.

  • COWS – All are environmentally adaptable, productive, and maternally oriented.
  • BULLS – Each animal undergoes a robust 10-point selection process utilizing market-driven Expected Progeny Differences (EPD)

Our goal with the resulting calves is market leverage in all possible areas – from Heifer Development to our Feeder Calf Program to Retained Ownership.

Beef Quality Assurance

BQA Certification

From our animals to our people to our end product, our program allows us to achieve the best Cattle Stewardship possible.

In the great tradition of our ancestors, when you buy Choctaw Beef, you know the animal was treated with the utmost respect and humanity.



Thanks to modern advances such as Cattletime, RFI, and the work of drones, we now possess powerful tools not afforded to our ancestors. Technology allows us to accurately track our animals. From the animal’s location to their genetics to their health and habits, we know more about each creature today than ever before. These technological advances help us to continually produce the highest quality products possible.

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