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As we mentioned in our last newsletter, the freezer beef program, as well as our new website, has officially launched. The new website is dedicated to our husbandry and management commitment to our natural resources and employees. Specific information about the freezer beef program is available on the website, but if you’re interested, you can purchase whole, half or quarter carcasses. Currently, we’re picking cattle up every two weeks. To ensure the utmost eating experience, we’re targeting a minimum of 180 days on feed and, on average, the cattle grade “High Choice” or better. This means you can have the same high-quality beef at home that you enjoy in the higher-end steakhouses you might frequent.

We believe the fairest method of pricing the finished cattle is on a market-driven basis, so as a consumer, you can feel confident you are not only getting a high-quality product, you’re also not overpaying for it. Really, the only limitation is, prior to harvest, we do require the entire animal be spoken for. This ensures the freshness of the product, but also incurs the possibility of a slight delay for any less-than-whole carcass requests.

Check out our website and leave us your information. We’ll call you with pricing details and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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