Ranch gate

In the Next Pasture

Sires, Freezer Beef and Projected Cash Markets

Over the years, my experience and empirical data has led me to the opinion that the selection and purchase of sires is the most important operational activity we in ranching do, so we will spend some time discussing it.

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Ranches staff on horseback

Riding Around the Ranches

What We Know and How We Can Help

Currently, the Agriculture Division provides operative oversight to almost sixty thousand acres within five counties, and employs 21 full-time employees who primarily focus on our pecan, ranching and wildlife enterprises.

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Here's the Beef

Supplemental Feed Resources

For those of you who have not yet contracted supplemental feed resources or all your yearly supplemental feed needs, here's a few things to consider.

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Morning Coffee

Time For An Introduction

The Choctaw Nation has a heritage deeply rooted in agriculture with a great appreciation for the rural communities within its Tribal jurisdiction and beyond.

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