In the Next Pasture

What Summer Holds

Hard to believe the next time we get together, it will already be May and summer will be upon us.

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Ranch hand on horseback with cattle

Riding Around the Ranches

Here Comes Choctaw Beef

A longstanding goal of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma's Agriculture Department has been to provide branded products to not only its internal distribution channels, but to external venues, as well.

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Here's the Beef

Proper Sire Selection

The sire selection process requires a little homework and planning, going beyond just buying a new bull whenever one becomes injured or dies.

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Cow in chute

Morning Coffee

Spring Is Coming

The first quarter is always an operationally important and busy time of the year. Currently, we – as well as many of you – are calving heifers and preparing the mature cows to begin calving.

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