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Here Comes Choctaw Beef

Timely Management Updates for Choctaw Agriculture

A longstanding goal of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s Agriculture Department has been to provide branded products to not only its internal distribution channels, but to external venues, as well. Hopefully, most of you have heard the fantastic news that the Choctaw Nation, Reba McEntire and the City of Atoka have formed a partnership to open the dining and entertainment venue, Reba’s Place. We are honored they have selected Choctaw Beef as a signature on the menu. Furthermore, we have partnered with Atoka ISD and H&L Processors to provide fresh, wholesome Choctaw Beef to the Atoka schools’ Child Nutrition Program. We are very excited and proud of these partnerships and encourage you to check out the many available press releases and media reports, as well as invite you to try the selection at Reba’s Place for yourself!

To further expand the Choctaw Beef footprint, later in the spring/early summer, we will be launching our Freezer Beef program. This will provide anyone the opportunity to purchase Choctaw Beef in whole, halves or quarter carcass allotments. We feel this will give most households the utmost opportunity to participate. We are currently working on specifics such as cut sheets and pricing models. A more detailed overview will be provided on our website (currently in development) or in the next newsletter. Our hope and intent is to provide Choctaw Beef – the same beef served at Reba’s Place – across the state and beyond. We look forward to serving your needs.

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