The Greenhouse Effect

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The Greenhouse Effect and Dealing with Droughts

Indisputably, our climate is changing; the debatable point is why, and whether these changes are natural or manmade.

Of all places, The University of California at Davis is doing some pretty cool research on the subject, and Dr. Frank Mitloehner looks at the Carbon Challenge in a rather unique manner. Oftentimes, we in agriculture do not have ample counterpoints to questions about our impact on greenhouse gas emissions. If you find yourself in these conversations – or if you just want another perspective – look him up on Google and check out his findings.

That said, the last two summers have certainly been pretty rough. Most “drought” discussion here in Oklahoma has centered around 2022, but honestly – outside of greater early precipitation – in relation to effective moisture, 2023 was really not much better. Many pastures in Oklahoma are hurting and in much need of rest, fertility and herbicide.

We at the Choctaw Nation have already begun to stress the importance of a spring pasture management program to help offset some of the negative drought implications. I would hope you are, as well.

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